I am a graphic designer with over 20 years in the design industry, a deep library of design applications, streamlined production workflow, creative troubleshooting skills, and a great personality. Explore my portfolio to learn more about my skills and roles.

Current Projects

Recent Work

Website Design & Development

These active projects show the complete picture of my ability to visualize each process and create a design system around them.

Motion Graphics and Video Editing

Take a look at recent opening animations, motion graphic elements, logo reveals, and collaborative video editing projects.

Logos & Branding

From logo design to brand development, I have helped small businesses and large organizations articulate their style, voice, and visual communication.

Campaign Development

Here are a couple of examples of my ability to design in full scale that creates seamless continuity between communication platforms.

Layout Design

These designs show a picture of my ability to think logically of how elements are positioned relative to the amount of content and its importance.

Production Experience

Take a look at a couple projects I have been a part in as an actor, camera operator, and music production.