Texas Department of Transportation Website Design

In 2011, TxDOT.gov underwent a massive overhaul of its 30,000 pages of content, organization and online system integrations. Re-designing a website of this scale for the nation’s largest state proved to be a challenge as we had to be sure it met the minimum requirements based on different regional needs, user age groups, and educational levels. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the design team; building this award-winning CMS-based statewide service portal. My role during its re-design and, thereafter maintenance, was in multiple parts:

Review in Detail

TxDOT Home Page

Home Page

In a snapshot, the homepage addresses all areas of the website which included designing specialized sections for:

  • Driver, Government, Business, and Careers
  • Support Systems
  • Media, News, How To's and Support Sites
TxDOT Driver Page

User-Based Pages

The user-baed group pages were designed to pull in the most frequently visited pages as high-level content. My role was to:

  • Design for link-based listings
  • Design space for user-based banner communications
  • Design navigation system betwwen sections of the site
TxDOT Inside Page

Inside TxDOT

Similar to the user-based pages, this section was designed to organize the About Us features into multiple sections.

TxDOT Details Page

Forms & Publications

One level down from Inside TxDOT was a section dedicated to organizing all downloadable forms and publications based on user feedback.

TxDOT Special Page

Media Center

This page was customized to organize all media related files such as executive staff headshots, published articles, media campaigns, and social media outlets.

TxDOT Special Page

TxDOT Careers

As a sub-section of the parent site, my role was to design a careers site that integrated online job posting systems, organizing content related to working for TxDOT, and produce an advertising video.

Imagine You Media

Imagine You Media