Imagine You Media Web Design

Newly formed and already up and running, Imagine You Media needed a fresh website that best represented it's production scale and the operational success of delivering beautiful services efficiently. My role was to help articulate the voice, visual concept, produce custom elements, curate specialized photography, and develop design systems geared towards consice communications.

Review in Detail

Imagine You Media Home Page

Home Page

The concept was to keep the design clean, sharp, showcase work in Austin, TX, and make the navigation process simple with sleek visual design based on:

  • Brand consistency
  • Minimalistic approach
  • Intelligent use of whitespace
  • Easy communication
Imagine You Media Special Page

Special Page

Keeping content brief and concise made it easy to group them by section on one page and reduce the number of clicks and offer easy access points for:

  • Reviewing each pillar of service
  • Learning about the company
  • Understanding the partnerships of operations
  • Easy communication
Imagine You Media Details Page

Details Page

Maintaining the brand down to the details page of a service was key to keep content minimal and consice with details that would deliver enough for the user to get started, such as:

  • Breif overview
  • Manage expectations
  • Follow up with a breif video
  • Easy communication access
Imagine You Media Details Page

Details Page

Each service detail page maintained a consistent weight of content which helped to reenforce the ease of getting started with Imagine You Media. The was acheived by:

  • Simplifying the architecture
  • Providing communication acccess above the fold
  • Maintaining brand integrity

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