Medical Home Team

This project was aquired as a contract through a local advertising agency with whom I've worked with on many projects. This project consisted of working with the agency project manager and the clients brand integrity team. In order to maintain budget parameters, we decided to edit stock imagery instead of filming, and utilize client stage for voiceover talent. Below each video are sketched storyboards to outline what type of stock images to find and tell the story.

Medical Home Team - Doctors

For both videos, sketched the storyboards, curated the stock imagery, created the layering need in Photoshop for animation, animated each photo in After Effects, used DynamicLink to import the After Effects project files into Premiere for final editing with voice over audio files and stock music tracks.

Medical Home Team - Practitioners

AT&T Wifi Solutions

City of Austin ERS

Opening Animations

Rumble On

Safety Mission Zero

Standing Rock