City of Austin Employee Retirement System (COAERS)

Aquired through Imagine You Media, my role in these projects was to help conceptualize complex financial processes into easy to understand visual animations, develope storyboarding, sound effects, and editing final output.

Your Benefits

My role started with the illustration of the storyboard in Illustrator, then moved into animating the different illustrations, scenes and logo reveal into separate files in After Effects. Finally, the exported .MOVs combined with voice over audio files and stock music, the final production was edited in Premiere.


My role started with receiving final illustrations and storboard from the illustrator. I animated the illustrated scenes into separate .MOVs, created sound design, and edited final video with voice over audio files and stock music in Premiere.

AT&T Wifi Solutions

Medical Home Team

Opening Animations

Rumble On

Safety Mission Zero

Standing Rock